TTC Round 1

TTC Timeline:
Summer 2008: Diagnosed with lean PCOS. July 2009: Married. Start trying/hoping for miracle BFP. October 2010: No miracle. Referral to RE. May 2011: 1st RE appointment. Dx: Lean PCOS and 3% morph. June 2011: Clomid Round 1=No response. July 2011: Clomid Round 2=No response. August 2011: IVF #1 (Gonal-F+Luveris+Ganirelix). 8/25 ER. 8/30 5dt of 2 BBB blasts. September 2011: BFP!!!

Pregnancy Timeline
4weeks: OHSS. Surgery to drain off 1 liter of fluid. 5w: First ultrasound shows triplets (Baby A+Baby A's Identical Twin+Baby B). 6w-25w: Some pretty awesome morning sickness... 7w: Second ultrasound shows twins (Baby A's identical twin lost). But still...two healthy babies!!! 7w-23w: Totally normal pregnancy...

23w4d: Home bedrest for short cervix. 23w5d: Positive FFN. 24w: Steroid shots. 25w6d:Hospital bedrest begins. 26w2d: Diagnosed with insulin-controlled Gestational Diabetes.26w6d: Preterm labor, dilated to 3 cm, can feel Baby A's head. 27w: Preterm labor stopped. Hospital bedrest continues until 36w1d: Our son (F) and daughter (C) arrive, no worse for the wear, on April 20, 2012!!!

The Birth Story:
At 7:30 AM on 4/20/12 (aka 36w1d), my first cervix check since 27 weeks shows that I am about 9 cm dilated. I'm immediately sent to L&D, and the professional opinion is that we'll have babies by noon. Except we don't. 6 hours later, at 1:30 PM, despite lots of walking/jumping/praying, I am still stuck at 9 cm. My doctor decides to break Baby A's water, and voila! by 2:30 PM, I am fully dilated! Pushing commences and continues for 1.5 hours with little progress (turns out, Baby A is sunny-side up and isn't quite fitting). At 4 PM, I ask beg (seriously: beg!) for the epidural. It doesn't work. At 4:30 PM, we try again. It doesn't work. AGAIN. 

I proceed to freak out continue to labor in the birthing room until around 6 PM, when I am transferred to the OR. (Hospital policy is that all twin births happen in the OR in case you need an emergency C-section). The pushing continues. At some point, it is determined that Baby A is definitely stuck face up, but that he is trying to turn. My doctor attempts to "help" which all I can say is HOLY.OUCH.

Almost an hour into it, Baby B decides she's had enough of the fetal traffic jam and wants out. First, the nurse can't find her heart rate. Then, when she does, it's in the 90s. My doctor decides there isn't time for a C-section, so enter the episiotomy (Mr. E and I don't know which is worse--my feeling it or his seeing it--ugh, gag), more pushing, and vacuum assisted delivery #1. Baby A (our son, F!) is born at at 6:57 PM! My doctor then ends up elbow-freaking-deep in my ute in order to assess Baby B. Cue more water breakage, lots of pushing/pulling, and vacuum assisted delivery #2. Baby B (our daughter, C!) is born at 7:01 PM!

Immediately after birth, the twins are swept away by their respective NICU teams for evaluation. The verdict? 100% perfect, thank God! Mr. E gets to see them right away and is told to wait with them while the doctors "work on me." Apparently, my uterus is tired and doesn't want to contract back properly, which for me means IV and IM meds for contractions and more hands-in-ute action to manually remove the blood clots. (At this point, I want an epidural more than I did when I was actually in labor...) 

But then it's over. They finally bring over the babies, and I get to hold them for the first time, and suddenly, I realize that all of it--PCOS, the failed cycles, IVF, the bedrest, the labor, the fear, the pain, the tears--all of it was worth it because it gave us this:


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