TTC Timeline (Round 2)

1.29.13: RE consult

2.1: Start provera

2.17: CD1

2.19: CD3 bloodwork

2.25: Sonohysterogram (normal)

3.12: Follow up with RE. Dx PCOS ( and 2% morph. Decide to pursue IVF#2 (Menopur+possible Follistim+possible Ganirelix)

3.18: Bloodwork (not pregnant, didn't ovulate). Start provera

3.29: CD1

3.30: CD2 bloodwork, E2 at 107

3.31: CD3 bloodwork, E2 in the 80s, start stims (Menopur 75 IU)

4.4: CD7 bloodwork+ultrasound, ovaries=still asleep. Menopur increased to 112.5 IU

4.7: CD10 bloodwork+ultrasound, ovaries=still asleep, E2=81. Menopur increased to 225 IU

4.9: CD12 bloodwork+ultrasound, ovaries=still asleep, but...E2=109!!

4.11: CD14 bloodwork+ultrasound, ovaries=STILL ASLEEP (42 immature follies, the largest at 10mm), E2=242

4.13: CD16 bloodwork+ultrasound, PROGRESS (handful of 10mm+ follicles on each ovary), E2=800s. Menopur at 225 IUs+Ganirelix

4.15: CD18 bloodwork+ultrasound, more progress! (1 18mm and 3 15mm follicles, plus some smaller), E2=?. Menopur at 150 IUs+Ganirelix

4.16: CD19 bloodwork+ultrasound, and more progress! (15 follicles on left ovary, 7 follicles on right), E2=2005. Ganirelix

4.17: CD20 bloodwork+ultrasound (26ish measurable follicles). E2=2060ish. Trigger at 8:30 PM!

4.19: CD22 Egg retrieval (28 follicles, 14 eggs retrieved)

4.21: CD24 11 embabies growing, start oral Estradiol 2x a day and Endometrin 3x a day

4.22: CD25 3DT of one 7AF embryo (7 cells, little to no fragmentation, fair symmetry). 5 embabies arrested and 5 lagging way behind

4.28: 6dp3dt (9dpo), FAINT BFP on IC/FRER

4.29: 7dp3dt (10dpo), BFP on IC/FRER/Digital

5.3: 11dp3dt (14dpo) Beta #1= 66, discontinue Endometrin, start PIO 1x a day

5.5: 13dp3dt (16dpo) Beta #2= 159 
(doubling time: 37.8 hours)

5.7: 15dp3dt (18dpo) Beta #3= 472 (doubling time: 30.58 hours)

17dp3dt (20dpo) Beta #4= 1433 (doubling time: 29.96 hours)

5.17: 6w0d Ultrasound #1= Measuring at 5w5d, HB 94

5.23: 6w6d Ultrasound #2= Measuring at 7w0d, HB 124

5.31: 8w0d Ultrasound #3=Measuring at 8w0d, HB 155

6.7: Midwife Appointment #1/Ultrasound #4=Measuring at 9w1d (@9w0d)

6.24: OB Appointment #1/Ultrasound #5=Saw heartbeat and one wiggly little 7!

7.3: MFM Appointment #1/Ultrasound #6 (NT)=Measuring at 12w5d, HB 160, NT measurement 1.4 mm

7.4: Last PIO shot!

7. 11: OB office visit to confirm that cervix is still closed

7.18: OB office visit to confirm (again) that cervix is still closed

7.24: Midwife Appointment #2=Strong heartbeat

7.26: Start weekly IM progesterone shots for cervix

7.28: Failed 1-hour Glucose Challenge (standard range=65-139; my value=142)

7.29: MFM Appointment #2/Ultrasound #7=Measuring at 17w2d (at 16w3d!), HB 145, cervical length is "better than good"

7.30: SST results show a 1/15 chance that 7 has Trisomy 21 (DS)

7.31: MFM consult/blood draw for MaterniT21 Test

8.8: MaterniT21 Test comes back negative for Trisomies 13, 18 and 21!

8.12: Anatomy Scan/MFM Appointment #3/Ultrasound #8=Measuring at 19w (at 18w3d), HB 145, cervical length 4.3 cm

8.19: OB Appointment #2=Strong heartbeat

8.29: MFM visit/ultrasound to check cervix length, still 3+ cm long!

9.11: MFM visit/ultrasound to check cervix length, still 3+ cm long!!! HB 153, Measuring 1.5 pounds/81st percentile (at 22w5d)

9.20: Midwife Appointment #3=Strong heartbeat, fundal height measuring 1 week ahead

10.9: MFM visit/ultrasound to check cervix length: 3.3 cm long--graduation day! HB 140s, Measuring 27 weeks @ 26w5d. Breech position. Passed 1-hour Glucose Challenge (standard range=65-139, my value=134). Dx Anemic, start iron pill+vitamin C. 

10.18: Midwife Appointment #4=Strong heartbeat, fundal height measuring on track, baby sitting transverse

10.24-10.27: Brief stay in L&D and Antepartum due to a fall and preterm labor. Receive steroid shots for 7's lungs and procardia to calm contractions. 7 continues to sit breech, weighs in at 3.3 lb (@29w2d)

10.28: Midwife Appointment #4=Strong heartbeat, transverse

11.12: OB Appointment #3=Strong heartbeat, fundal height measuring on track, breech

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