Thursday, December 19, 2013

36 Weeks (+6 Days) And a Breech Update

Weekly Questionnaire #29

How Far Along? 36w6d!!!! (Officially 5 days more pregnant than I've ever been!)

Total Weight Gain: +16 lbs!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and word to the wise: If you are going to be pregnant in the winter, for the love of God, buy a maternity coat! I did not, which means that the past week of snowstorm+temps in the teens has been pretty darn cold... Too late now, though.

Symptoms: Well, the good news is that the chiropractor has definitely been helping with the lower back pain! Apparently, my sacrum is "stuck," possibly from the last delivery, but it's starting to loosen up a bit. I can definitely feel the weight of this baby on my hips and pelvis though...holy aching, batman! That said, if it means that 7 is growing well, I'll take it!

Stretch Marks: Nothing new, but the old ones are definitely still there.

Belly Button In/Out: Out/Flat.

Sleep: What is sleep?

Best Moment Last Week: I think crossing the 36 week mark wins the prize! I only made it to 36w1d with the twins, and every day from 23w4d was a struggle... I am amazed and so, so grateful to have had such a relatively easy pregnancy this time around.

Food Cravings: BACON.

Food Aversions: Breakfast sandwiches... BUT, I had Taco Bell last night! First time since getting pregnant and it was AMAZING!

Gender: Team Green. I need to do some of those old wives tales things... People have been saying boy judging from how I'm carrying, but girl based on their gut feelings. I'm still thinking boy, but honestly, Mr. E just had two dreams last night in which we had a girl, so maybe knows something I don't...

Movement: Yes.

Labor Signs: Contractions are still strong, and sometimes they get pretty regular, but nothing real yet!

What I Am Looking Forward to: Tomorrow! 37 Weeks!

Breech Update: Well, 7 is still breech. I had an appointment yesterday, and we scheduled a version (where the doctor tries to turn the baby) for this coming Monday at 10 AM. My doctors and midwife agree that I'm a good candidate because my uterus is very "malleable" (yay?), but I'm still nervous. Attempting to turn the baby means a trip to L&D and the possibility that something could go wrong--placental abruption, water breakage, fetal distress--which would then end up in an emergency C-section. The risk is very low, but it's there nonetheless. I am just praying that no matter what, 7 stays put and only comes when s/he is ready!


  1. Yay for being more pregnant than you ever have been! I hope the version goes well Monday and 7 stays put, but head down. I can't wait to find out if 7 has boy bits or girlie parts!

  2. my friend wore her hubby's coat when she was preggo

    as my hubby is tall and slim like a god (LOL), I am wearing my friend's mom's coat... for the second pregnancy in the row. And feeling like a bum!!!

  3. looking great girl, as always!!! Thinking about you these next few weeks! Keep us updated

  4. Oh my gosh you are SO Close. Where did the time go??


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