Monday, December 9, 2013

34/35 Weeks (+3 Days)

Weekly Questionnaire(s) #27&28

34 Week Bump Shot & Twin Selfies =)
How Far Along? 35w3d

Total Weight Gain: +13 lbs as of my last checkup two weeks ago, but after this past weekend (we went to IKEA and discovered the joys of 6 cinnamon buns for $4), I wouldn't be surprised if that number has doubled...

Maternity Clothes: Yes, though I still like squeezing into some of my comfy winter pre-pregnancy shirts when not in public. Of course, a good portion of my belly hangs out the bottom (tres klassy), but they're just so comfortable!

Symptoms: Hm. I sort of wonder if, after a certain point, the "symptoms" category should just be called "side effects." As in, The Side Effects of Growing Another Human may include: The ability to want to sleep all.the.time, yet the frustrating inability to actually fall asleep when given the chance. Hip pain, back pain, rib pain. Heart burn. Hot flashes (had forgotten about those!) ...On a positive note though, side effects also include super thick hair, awesomely strong fingernails, and of course, a BABY =)

Stretch Marks: Nothing new, though I recently noticed that a few of the ones I had before now look more obvious.

Belly Button In/Out: Out, but almost completely flat.

Sleep: Not great. After I finally do fall asleep, I proceed to wake up almost every hour because I have to pee and/or 7 decides to throw a little party that apparently involves a fetal rendition of the Can-Can, muay thai, and a touch of good old-fashioned head banging.

Best Moment Last Week: Reaching 34, bypassing it, and making it to 35!

Food Cravings: Bacon, apples, and now, cinnamon buns!

Food Aversions: Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever want a breakfast sandwich again in my life. HOWEVER, I did pass Taco Bell yesterday and got the slightest twinge of a craving!

Gender: Stubbornly Team Green =)

Movement: When doesn't this baby move?

Labor Signs: I've been getting a few strong runs of contractions almost every day now--usually at night, and they can last anywhere from 1-3 hours with contrax coming every 3-5 minutes. They're strong, but not exactly painful, though judging from my last pregnancy/labor/delivery, I'm not a good person to ask about contraction pain. (By the time we figured out I was actually in labor, I was already 9 cm) Anyway, I do get a little nervous that these contractions are changing my cervix, but since they always stop before I fall asleep, I figure it's not the real thing.

What I Am Looking Forward to: My 36 Week OB appointment on Thursday! 

Breech Update: As of last Thursday, 7 was frank breech (legs up to its face in the pike position). The doctor who did the ultrasound also said it was clear that s/he had been upright for a while because of the shape of its head... I'm pretty sure 7 has since changed position though--not head down (boo!)--but its feet are once again all over the place and s/he kept squirming from breech to transverse over the weekend. As I mentioned before, I'll have to seriously discuss our Plan of Action with my OB this week, but today, I'm biting the bullet and heading to the chiropractor. I figure it can't hurt, right??


  1. You look great! And it's great to see the twins again :)

  2. Girl you are just the cutest pregnant person ever! Love that belly. Hope your checkup goes well on Thursday!

  3. You look amazing! Now turn, Seven! Turn!

  4. Reading your post has made me think that perhaps what I have been going through are hot flashes too! I was wondering what in the world was going on! I hope 7 turns before the big day!

  5. Soooooo close!!! I'm still team girl for Seven!! :)


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